Person Information:

Santos Gaitan III, born 1982.

– Primary years spent in small town of ill repute in southern Texas. Moved to Houston in Summer of 2000 in pursuit of higher education.
– Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography/Digital Media, pried from the University of Houston in Spring 2005. They tried everything they could think of to stop me.
– Twice team captain, one-time President of the Fencing Club at the University of Houston. Good times.
– Presently working at The Aldridge Company doing tech support things.

Website Information:

Paperninja.net has existed since roughly August 2001. It has gone through various larval stages that led few places. This blog format for my site was designed with the purpose of displaying what I can manage to come up with week to week. It’s as much an exercise in creation as a means of organizing some thoughts and ideas.

I focus mostly on named projects. Here are some that I’ve used as weekly creative outlets:

Miniatures: Not really a named project, but more of a new direction in my art outlets overall.  Starting about Spring of 2010 I have been buying and painting miniatures.  The original intent was to paint miniatures for use in a particular game, but since then it’s become more about just learning to paint a variety of models as well as I can.  I only very rarely, if ever, play any miniature combat games.  Unlike some of my other projects, which were along the lines of “do X every Y days” my painting is at a relaxed, gradual pace with no real deadlines.  Probably why I’ve managed to stick with it for so long.

Lines: A “daily work” project, this one simply being a small, framed drawing done in ink according to whatever my whims are for a particular day. The majority are based on photographs in an old edition of a Japanese fashion magazine called non-no(on loan from Percy). Usually posted seven days a week. Sometimes I miss a night, but I typically try to make up for it somehow.

The Autobiography of Cold Harbor Orphanage: A writing project. Occasional short stories linked together by a common theme.

People I Know: I daily attempted to post a picture and brief summary of someone I knew or that had passed through my life since I moved to Houston. There were quite a few posted, and I ended up getting in touch with some people that had almost slipped away completely. I think that I’ll probably go back to it at some point, or at least add intermittent posts.

In parting: