One thought on “Lines 027

  1. Jamie

    I like this one, because it is focused, not on the face, but more on the details of the clothes, the turtleneck, the necklace, the flowers on the sweater. The only facial features are the lips and chin. You can see only the hint of a smile. This sort of presentation lends a feeling of intimacy to the whole picture. I think when you love someone, you look at all the microscopic pieces of them that normally go unoticed — like the wrinkle in the chin or the glimpse of the neck.

    I enjoyed the other pieces as well. I like the simple, clean look of the lines. I especially like it when you duplicate patterns. I can tell you take the time to painstakingly copy that detail. But you only “accessorize” with that detail when necessary — in the sense that less is more.


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