News and Doom

I switched to a new host. That didn’t go too poorly.

Unfortunately, the WordPress backup that I made over the weekend was a big FAIL. Fortunately, I had a backup that I made last month, so not every-everything is lost. Though that means that every post and comment following Lines 035 is poof. Whoops. Also, backups change the filepath on everything to /archive/(whatever), so none of the links in the Gallery work. Double sabotage.

So it looks like I’ll be spending the evening fixing up the Gallery and re-adding the 36 drawing posts I’ve made since my last successful database backup, rather than drawing. Tricky.

I don’t remember the titles and alt text that I set for each of the pieces. I know that I took on a bad habit of making the title something really arbitrary, so I’ll probably just ditch titles for pieces altogether. More audience interpretation, I suppose.

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