Wonderful World

I have to listen to the radio while at work. It’s always on a terrible station that kind of grates on the mind. Yesterday I heard a radio advertisement that began with this line:
“Imagine a place where sun worship is not only an art – it’s a religion.”

WHAT? Do they even know what that means? Maybe the writers were unclear as to the specific definitions of certain words. Or the narrator didn’t bother looking over the script before reading the lines.

Today I read a news article that included this:
“On Chinese web forums, many people have criticised [Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End] image of Chow’s character – who is bald, has long nails and is dressed in Qing dynasty style.

They have said it is the image of the Chinese in the eyes of Hollywood producers.”

Maybe they are confused about who made the movie. That’s the only thing I can surmise.

People think up great things all the time!

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