People #1: Disappointed Man

So I had this idea to sketch out and write a bit about someone that plays some sort of role in my life. I would say “every day” or “every other day,” but every time I do it lasts like three days and then is never mentioned again(except regretfully). If I did continue, it would not always be someone that I know particularly well. It could be someone that I simply see regularly for some specified reason, such as the one I’ll detail below.

Fish guy

Disappointed Man is a guy that works at the fish section of a local grocery store. I see him almost every time that I go shopping. There used to be another girl that worked there sometimes but she’s vanished. She was kind of cheery and I think she decided to move on.

Disappointed Man always looks disappointed to see me. Or to see anyone. And to sell fish. And to be there. I think that’s his life. Being disappointed. I’ve had the notion to simply tell him one day, “You know, you always look so unhappy. Maybe you should quit this fish stuff and go become a roadie or something.” I don’t know what he’d say. He might just be disappointed that some guy is trying to tell him how to run his life.

One thought on “People #1: Disappointed Man

  1. Bikkuri!

    I keep going back to read this over and over again, and it’s just about some guy that sells fish. Either you’re a genius, or there’s something terribly wrong with me.


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