People #2: Chan dropped

As a side note, to begin, I’ve dug out my single pixel brush and begun working in the manner that characterized my work while in the photography program at UH. Also, for people that I know/have known in person, I’ll write out the phrase that I have in my phone. Because rather than having first name + last name in my cell phone, I have first name/nickname and a short phrase that wholly sums up the person. Onto my second People entry:


I first met Chan in an Intro to Photography class. By the end of semester he had dropped out. It was my first experience with what can basically be described as a chronic illness for the guy: he has a pretty terrible completion record. I’d like to see his attempted vs. completed hours some day, as from the time I first got to know him he would tend to drop at least half of the classes he began. I think it took him four or five attempts to complete Intro to Graphics, a class that you can pass by turning in a finger painting that resembles geometric shapes once every two weeks.

One thing he did sit through like crazy was Korean films. He really dug them. He would actually volunteer to sit and translate a movie in real time if he didn’t have a subtitled version, such was his passion for spreading the fine accomplishments of Korean film makers. It was my first introduction to stuff like Old Boy and Save the Green Planet in the year that I shared a house with him and a few other art majors(2003-2004). He also liked making movies. I don’t know how many were really finished.

Presently I haven’t heard from him in a while. Every time there’s some sort of gathering that could involve him, he’ll express interest / commitment to arrive, then not show up. Which isn’t too surprising. Because as a wise Filipino once said: Chan always drops.

[Update 06/17/07: I’ve been informed that Chan never completed Intro to Graphics. So there.]

2 thoughts on “People #2: Chan dropped

  1. Chan

    All lies. Santos is such a liar~! I know Chan very well, and he’s a fine fellow. I’ve never seen him drop. Never.


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