People #3: Rod has ideas

Skin tone warmed to make more lifelike than reality

I know Rod through fencing. He and I began in the Fencing Club at the University of Houston during the same semester. Within a couple of years we were the only ones from that semester’s group still in the club. I think there’s a lesson there but I’m not sure.

Rod had a morbid sense of humor. I always thought that he fit the mold of a painting major, though he insisted on getting a degree in business(logic or something). Some of the highlights of his time in the fencing club included a slapdash fencing style I’ll call “drunken zombie,” inventing his own rune-based language which he used to decorate his glove and foil “scabard”(a length of pvc pipe), and a variety of mixed images on the chalk board before practice began. His oft-used quote was: “Come on, it’s a good idea.” It almost never was.

He managed to get a daily comic strip in the campus newspaper, as well as start up his own underground magazine, Led’zine, which he printed in a free copy machine he found in the library and distributed on campus. I don’t remember what he did when that copy machine was discovered by staff and blocked off. I remember Led’zine being notorious among its readers, though I never had the stomach to read through an entire issue.

One day his parents told him they were leaving the country for good and that he was on his own. He promptly finished up his business degree, and with a bachelor’s degree from an acclaimed business school he went on to…get a job at Petsmart. Which just goes to show how highly revered a college education is these days.

3 thoughts on “People #3: Rod has ideas

  1. Rod

    I cant believe you forgot about the Led’zine film with the donkey pinata sex, tranny, random little children and condoms; but not in that order!

    UPDATE: I became a manager at a kennel then realized I hate dogs so i quit.

    Now I’m a club promoter, but i dont get paid.

    Its always money vs happines, screw money.

  2. Santos

    Every time I look back on someone’s article I can think of half dozen things that I should have included. Sometimes I think I should do “sequels” to some of these. I might elaborate more in a compilation project I have in mind…


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