People #4: David makes comics

Eating ice from a tube at a party, circa 2000

Dave. David Mcguire. I knew him through the anime club, though I’d seen his work prior to that. He had a comic called Citrusville in the daily campus paper back during my first semesters. Out of the six years I was at UH, it was one of maybe two good comics that ran.

He made lots of comics and even some Flash-based animations. I have some fond memories of Zombie Lincoln, one of his animated shorts. Despite that, I think that he was a computer science major. The anime club had a booth in the Campus Organizations room that some of us frequented just to have a place to hang out between classes. I remember him, another guy and I one day coming up with a language that only had nine words. Our challenge was to try to express or describe everything in a given culture using only those nine words. I’ve forgotten what the exact words are now, but that was one of the better days. He introduced me to Y the Last Man, and was the only other person I knew at the time that read Battle Angel.

I never really knew what happened to him. There was a time when he was around, and then a point after which he wasn’t around anymore. I heard that he moved off to New York in pursuit of happiness, though I didn’t have any hard facts. Nobody I knew that knew him ever mentioned him again. It was like he never existed, in a way. Sometimes life is like that.

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