I made a Comic (just one)

To start, I plan on closing the poll next Monday(the 15th), after which I’ll be making an order for all of the pieces that received votes. When those come in I’ll add them to my Etsy store so people can actually pick them up. Moving along…

I thought of making a new comic series, but I only really made one comic strip. It was supposed to be sort of a demo, an intro to a larger storyline. At this point, however, I don’t think that I’ll be continuing with it. I’ve included the whole thing in the full post below:


It’s basically a “cut paper” style that doesn’t involve cutting any paper as it was created entirely in Photoshop. Outside of the initial pencil drawings. The process that I came up with is rather involved and complicated, but I think the end result works out well.

I don’t plan on continuing with this particular storyline at present. Rather, I’m taking what I learned with the graphical style and intend to apply it to an older story I’ve been picking at for a while. I don’t know how long it will take to produce something presentable, but I will try to add something here occasionally to mark progress.

4 thoughts on “I made a Comic (just one)

  1. Hewwen

    The third panel is the best — I think it’s absolutely amazing!!! They’re all really good, though; I like the style. ^_^

  2. Jonathan

    Whoa there, guy. This post went up on the 11th. It says the poll will close next monday, the 11th. How did you get into your crazy time-loop? Do you like it there? Can I join you for lemonades?


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