Week links

Hooray, weekend! Here are a few links relevant to some of the People I’ve brought up in the past week or so.

  • HOW to ART – Collection of some of David’s
    work. Click on the different mice or anything on the page for various projects. The purple mouse project, “Dinosaur Derrek,” makes me really happy.
  • Blackmoontides – Personal website of Percy. It hasn’t been updated in…a while, but I hear there’s a big revision coming soon.
  • Jungle Workz – Julian, Chan, and a few other UH alumni have gathered together to try to make a collaborative graphics/art-related entity. Right now it’s sparse, as its content relies on Julian suddenly not being useless and Chan sticking to something.

One thought on “Week links

  1. Julio

    With JungleWorkz, the key word is TRY… to what extent we try varies to the current useless/dropping ratio, however.


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