People #11: Joel wants a banjo

It’s hard to make hair look nappy using single pixels.

I never actually learned Joel’s last name or major, despite spending a lot of time around him. It didn’t ever seem that important. He was in the anime club the year I was Treasurer, and was about the only person I could really tolerate. Whereas most members were fat, loud, and poorly animated, Joel was skinny, bearded, soft-spoken and fond of hackysack. Joel was the third person around the day David and I came up with the nine-word language.

Both Joel and his evil twin, Robert, had beards, though Robert’s hair was darker brown. One of Joel’s recreational activities was burning kerosene in a field. I didn’t really understand how that was an event or hobby, but it was something they did. For fun. Often. He and Robert also made something they called the chain axe. It was heavy and dangerous. I think the name is about as much description as is necessary.

I spent an anime convention largely in his company, which I even wrote about afterwards. That’s kind of a long account. He attended another convention I was at later that Summer, opting not to get a hotel room. Instead he bought a half gallon jug of water, filled it with instant coffee mix, and took naps in the viewing rooms in order to make it the whole three days.

He played a lot of Go around the time I started to put as much distance between myself and the anime club as possible. He always had a long nappy ponytail and beard, but at some point he had a run-in with Homeland Security and decided to do some grooming in order to look good for his court date. Imagine that. He kept his hair short afterwards. I haven’t seen him in a long time.

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