I Suppose it has been Some Time

I noticed that I had not made a new post here in over a year. I know!

I got married. That was a Thing. She is nice and supportive of my hobbies. I would post a picture but she is sort of picky about that sort of thing. When I get permission I will(I am told that I am supposed to say that sort of thing so people can reply “Haha MARRIED”).

Creative-wise, this past Spring I started painting miniatures. Little things, made of bits of metal or plastic. It is sort of grueling, painstaking work, so I took to it rather quickly.
I have been taking pictures with both a film camera and now with a new digital camera, using macro mode. Due to the bulk of images, I have now found it most convenient to upload and organize them on a Flickr account. So here is a new thing: Paperninja Flickr Account.
I almost exclusively do my own miniatures right now, but for a while I was doing paid commission work as well. Some of those are in that set of images above.

I will go back to my quiet quietness now.

2 thoughts on “I Suppose it has been Some Time

  1. Helen

    That is REALLY exciting, Santos. I always thought you deserved a nice girl who was special…that’s wonderful that you found each other. I’m extremely happy for you guys!! Congrats! :) Take care of and cherish each other.

    I’m going to follow your photostream, even though I don’t use mine for anything any more. Don’t laugh at my username.

    Be happy.


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