People #12: Richard is an amalgam

I sure know a lot of people with glasses.

Richard Lutz was in fencing before I joined the club. He was and always will be an Epee fencer, a weapon characterized by slow, cautious movements. Basically the opposite of saber, the weapon I used. He was Jewish, practiced other martial arts and took Japanese classes, earning him the nickname “The Jewish Ninja.” One way to irritate him was to ask, “So, does a Jewish ninja use a throwing star of David?”

I could never really pin down what his major was, so I assumed that he was majoring in Everything. He was possibly the smartest person I’ve ever known, who knew something about everything and a whole lot about stuff I didn’t expect. As a result he had a somewhat skewed sense of humor, simply make bad puns most of the time. I had to keep on my toes to amuse him, and he was one of the few people that allowed me to utilize the full extent of my English wordplay. I could sometimes reference five or six completely different things in a sentence and he would be the only person in the room to laugh, such was the extent of his knowledge.

Most of his laughing was restrained to a short chuckle or snort and head shake if Rod said something. Occasionally he would simply break down, covering his mouth and laughing violently, unable to do anything else for several minutes. When someone induced such a thing it was said, “you broke Richard.” I keep handy a tiny notebook in which I write my most random thoughts, and every time I allowed him to peek inside I broke him.

He was a bit violent, usually choosing to strike out at someone that had irritated or offended him. He never learned how to drive and either walked or bussed to any place in the city he needed to go. For Houston, I think that’s kind of a big deal. Once he got his degree in Everything he flew off to Japan to participate in the JET program. Following that, who knows.

4 thoughts on “People #12: Richard is an amalgam

  1. Helen

    I really like some of the backgrounds for these (as well as the person and the composition of the whole piece, obviously), but I was wondering if they are existing backgrounds from the photos of the people?

  2. Santos

    All of the backgrounds are things I come up with while I’m making the image. They’re usually fairly simple designs and just things that I want to try out graphically. The same goes for things like clothing color and level of detail.

  3. Helen

    The one for Frank has been my favorite so far. The ones for Richard and Julio are also particularly good. :) I haven’t decided which description I like the most, but they do seem to be getting longer…


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