People #13: Crono races cars

Dressed up as Ness at a Con. He had a hard time finding that hat.

His actual name is Chuck, though I already knew a Chuck. I met him through an odd set of circumstances. For a while I was drawing a webcomic based on Earthbound. As an A-kon approached I made an announcement on the comic site that I would be attending. I had one person ask if he could meet me there at some point. Chuck. I asked how I would find him, and he said he’d be dressed like Crono from Chrono Trigger. He was.

I ended up meeting a number of people from around Houston through Chuck, even though he was from San Antonio. He attended a lot of anime conventions, and as a result he was dragged into the hackneyed, made-up drama that lingers over the typical anime crowd. He and his small immediate circle of friends were the only people that solely referred to me by my online alias, “Paper.” That was weird.

The only thing I heard that he did in San Antonio was street racing, of all things. Modding and racing cars. He’s the only street racer I know. I think that he’s put some distance between himself and that old convention crowd, as the last time I talked with him he didn’t even know how to get a hold of any of them. I don’t, either. We all came together and, within a few moments, were scattered again to our distant corners.

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