People #14: Matt played guitar

I always feel as though I forgot something important.

I’ve known at least four Matts in the past six or so years. I knew Matt Broussard through Percy. He was a painting major, who once painted the critique room a bright color as a class project. Painting majors could do just about anything, from sewing to sculpting. Some of them actually painted. He spent a fair amount of time woodworking, and often spoke of wanting to become a crafter of fine guitars.

Matt really liked guitars and the music they produced. He had a wide range of knowledge about rockers both English and Japanese, and devoted plenty of effort to perfecting the art of rocking. While almost anyone could learn how to play the guitar, it takes a special type to really know how to rock. He was the lead guitarist of a small unnamed garage-based band. His brother took up bass.

He grew up playing games and that was our primary common ground. He was the first person I met that pronounced SNES as one word. He seemed mildly excited about almost everything, and he spoke with enthusiasm on things that he knew about. He was quieter when unfamiliar with something, but he was willing to listen to just about anything. Despite that, things that were lent to him as a suggestion or recommendation typically went untouched.

Matt went to Dallas to get married but did not come back. His wife was largely uninterested in his guitar playing and at times discouraged it. As a result it’s hard to guess at the fate of his talents since moving away. Maybe I’ll hear him jam again some day. The soul of a real rocker never really fades; it just patiently takes a nap in the back seat when the road hits a long straightaway.

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  1. Helen

    I love the description for this guy! Your keen sense of observation (particularly of tiny but interesting details) is really perfect for this project. :D


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