People #17: Clint is a drama queen

[Note: Have somewhere to be tonight so not much time for posting. Here is a…slightly exaggerated entry for Clint that I made last weekend. I’ll probably revise it later.]

Clint dressed up as Popeye during A-kon 14. Funny story, actually.

Clint pouts when he doesn’t get what he wants. And he wants everything, so he pouts all the time. Sometimes he feels sorry for me and lets me hang out with him, but he frequently looks at the clock and sighs deeply the entire time.

He once won my dignity from me during a game of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. He said he made it put on a dress and cook him breakfast every day. I finally managed to get it back from him over a game of Lumines some time later. That day was the most angry I’ve ever seen him. He even hit himself.

When we were roommates he worked in an ice cream shop. When I’d ask for him to bring me home ice cream he’d just spit in my face and stomp off. The only nice thing he’s ever said to me was, “I’d pick you in a fighting game.” I offended him once and my punishment was having to play through the entirety of Trio the Punch.

I try to stay in touch with him but he prefers his Executive friends over me. Despite that I kind of look up to him because he writes well and is good at fighting games.

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