People #19: Jon plays WoW

He tends to look more relaxed than he actually is.

Jonathan was in Junior Photography Block the year that I was in Senior Block. At that time I only talked to him briefly, just enough to see what he was doing and occasionally show him what I was working on. He worked a lot on Flash-based things, creating projects that had a fair helping of the conceptual side. Some were animations that he was drawing, some were primarily code-based interactive pieces, and then there were the random experiments like a poorly-drawn piece called HOT TRUXX. Complete with spinning wheels and randomly-generated *vroom* and honking sounds.

He was a very animated speaker, using elaborate hand gestures and wide nods of his head in order to get a point across. His eyes didn’t express much, and overall he appeared to be calm. He wasn’t, really. He was kind of nervous most of the time, as though he’d just come off of his fourteenth cup of coffee.

He had a very loud laugh, a pierced tongue, and a very subtle effeminate air to his mannerisms. He was outspoken about everything, to the extent that he seemed confrontational at times. If someone made the kind of comment that caused others to cringe and shake their heads Jon would waste no time calling out the speaker and demanding an apology, or at least pointing out his disapproval.

He lives way out on the western end of Houston, employed at the University of Houston. He participates in a regular Dungeons & Dragons group, and as far as I can tell spends every other moment of his time playing World of Warcraft. It happens.

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