People #20: Tessa smiles a lot

Well, she really did.

Tessa was in my Photo Block courses. She said everything with alacrity or subtle enthusiasm. It was certainly encouraging to talk to her due to her sprightly outlook on things. I don’t think that I ever saw her angry.

She seemed at home in the digital lab. Her attire was most frequently warmups and a plain t-shirt, with a sweatshirt tied around her waist. She brewed tea most days, sometimes picking pleasant-smelling flavors, such as peach.

Her conversations were usually with a couple of others, Jason and Leeah, and I occasionally joined in. I read her manner of speaking as being cautious and elusive. It always seemed as though she didn’t say everything she thought, out of fear of it sounding naive or uninformed.

She once gave me a ride back to campus from a gallery the class was visiting. I had been around that group of classmates for about a year and a half at that point. During the trip she said, “You know, Santos…we don’t really know anything about you.” She was the first of many that, within a span of a few weeks(and despite not knowing one another), started to come forward and call to my attention the notion that I never actually revealed anything about myself. Or dodged more than I addressed.

I hadn’t noticed up until so many pointed it out. I don’t know if I’m any better about it now. This project might prove useful in regards to that. I occasionally hear from Tessa via e-mail, though her replies at times take weeks or months. It’s difficult to keep up with people that only exist as text.

One thought on “People #20: Tessa smiles a lot

  1. Frank

    I don’t think I really knew Tessa either. There really wasn’t a sense of camaraderie in block. We got along pretty well but no real community.


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