Progress Report: Week of Feb. 4th – Feb. 10th


Getting closer

This weekend I started working on the steamjack, and I finished assembling and priming the Trollkin hero.  I have the metals done for the steamjack, seen above, and I’m almost done basecoating the main colors.  I started adding some highlights to the edges just to see how they would look.  You can see that on the grey above.


The other side

The color scheme is overall a cool grey with some red plates.  This little steamjack is supposed to be cobbled together, so I imagined it was only given a grey primer every once in a while and the red plates were picked up after-market from the Khador country’s scrapyards.  I plan on adding plenty of damage effects to the model after I’m doing basecoating and shading.  You can see some damage in the shot above on the red diamond plate; it was just a test for the effect I want to do.  I’m hoping to have the model done by the end of this coming week.


Dr. Trollkin Hero

In Troll news, I added some Green Stuff to fill in the more egregious gaps.  Above I’ve filled the gap created by the weapon mod, as well as the gap where the arm attached to the body.


Bad B.O.

Because both of the arms had to be attached to the body, each had some pretty large gaps.  I had to add some of the modeling putty and smooth it out to make the arm look like it goes all the way under the breastplate.  I’ve started using lip balm to coat my sculpting tools, as working with Green Stuff can nicely be described as sculpting with old chewing gun.  The lip balm works a lot better than the water I was using before.


Primed and ready to party

With all the work on the model done, I went ahead and primed it.  I primed black, and hit the top with some white primer to make the details stand out more.  This is a really nice model, so I’m looking forward to working on it.  It looks like a troll buried under a pile of metal.


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