People #22: Greg hurts people

Typical look: clean shaven, muscle shirt, nice slacks.

Greg fenced foil and epee, though he seemed more like a saberist. There were many Matts and many Gregs in the club, so distinctions were a necessity. Greg Kruger was simply referred as “Violent Greg.” It was very fitting.

He had a powerful build on account of working out a lot. He studied some form of Engineering. He came from an all-male Catholic school and was usually very tidy and well dressed. While I can’t make a lot of judgments about that background, seeing as I have no experience with private schools, I think that his social skills were a bit outside everyone else. Not better or worse, just somewhere different.

He had a wide grin that he used often when talking. It was kind of like the shady used car salesman, with a touch of the creepy side. He lost track of his own strength sometimes. While not really striking people out of overt rage, his normal temperament was one of casual violence. Fencing him was a bit scary, as he could make pretty powerful jabs or swings. He had a sort of superhero getup for tournaments, complete with bright blue tights under his knickers, a blue belt, and red joint braces.

He only actually came close to killing someone twice, and I think it was the same person both times. For the first near-casualty, Greg had his arm pulled firmly against someone’s neck before I calmly pointed out, “Hey, I don’t think he can breathe.” Crisis averted! At least he listened to reason. He was one of the people that I completely lost touch with the moment I stopped attending team practices. I hope he hasn’t killed anyone.

9 thoughts on “People #22: Greg hurts people

  1. Greg

    In order to keep the accuracy and integrity of your website I feel compelled to inform you that my last name is spelled “Krueger”.

    Also since you have left fencing I was made into a saber fencer as well.

    I do have a question in regards to my social skills; simply more information could prove useful to me at some point.

  2. Rod

    umm . . . i thought it was a readily and widely acknowledged and accepted understanding that conversations beginning with hi and ending with strangulation are . . . bad!

  3. Greg

    Well that is one interpretation, but sometimes it is the only way to get anything done. This is especially true when dealing with you lot. Besides my points tend to be much clearer when allowing for a visual aid.

  4. Santos

    When I check my webstats it tells me things like what search strings people enter into sites like Google that lead them to this website. One of the ones that popped up this month was “Greg Kruger died.” How strange.

  5. Greg

    Well unfortunately for the world I am still very much alive. Another part of me somewhere probably died buy his absence allows me to become more whole and thus once again reclaiming all my true power.

  6. Caroline

    Hi Santos. He hasn’t killed anyone yet as far as I know. He’s still hurting people, but he’s moved on to us now. Like the website.

  7. Caroline

    Chris and Greg are. I visit. Weeeee! oh. and Carol and I are roomies. Look us up and we shall search for the perfect artichoke.


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