Progress Report: Week of Apr. 21st – 28th


Grr I am green grr

Since getting back from my vacation I’ve actually been spending time painting again.  One of the big reasons is that I received my huuuuge batch of Reaper Miniatures Bones sets.  There is a huge variety of stuff in there that I would otherwise never touch, such as the generic orc guy pictured above.  I haven’t finished any, but I have both an orc and a dwarf that I’ve been working on simultaneously.  More pics in the post.


Rust Back


Orc Front

I’ve been working on making the metal substantially rusty and worn, trying out a couple of methods that I haven’t used before.  They are turning out all right, though I can see where it works and doesn’t work on the model.  For this guy, I just need to finish adding highlights to everything and it should be done.  There are so many of these models that I can just experiment a bunch and then move on.


Many many things

One of the things that I got as part of my Kickstarter reward was a carrying case.  Each of its trays hold 50 minis, and I’ve filled them with all the minis that would actually fit in the little slots.  The remaining minis are still all piled in the box nearby.  There are so many!  The plastic used for the models is really bottom-quality, as it seems to be the stuff used to make figures you would get out of a vending machine.  It makes sense for this, considering I got an obscene number of nice sculpts of all varieties for $100.  A lot of stray parts, like weapons, are all bent in weird directions, but I’ve been able to correct that by dipping the models in hot water, holding the piece into its new position, then dipping it into chilled water.  The mold lines on these are nearly impossible to cleanly remove, but since I don’t care too much about actual model quality I’m just living with them.


Dwarf WiP


Dwarf WiP


Dwarf WiP

This is another of the models I started within the past week, a dwarf warrior of some sort.  I haven’t painted a “traditional” dwarf model before.  He still has quite a bit of work, as I really only picked away at little parts of him while I was waiting for various washes applied to the orc model to dry.

I hope to finish these two models and then hop right into even more.  I have a half-dozen primed and in my Queue Box just waiting.  I have no idea what to do with all of these models when I’m done; they might start magically appearing on coworkers’ desks in the coming months.

One thing worth noting is that I just took on a radically different work schedule.  I’m now working three 12-hour shifts, Saturday night through Monday night, with the entire rest of the week off.  That four-day weekend is going to give ample time to work on these, so I’m hoping to be able to have more substantial updates in the coming weeks.

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