People #23: Chason is lumpy

Clint actually came up with that description.

Chason was in my Photo Block group. I had seen him a couple of times before, in the anime club early on and around the art building, though didn’t really know him. His early work in Block was a bit bizarre, becoming almost entirely pornography by the end of the first semester. After that phase he became more interested in the synthetic, especially in regards to the modern cyborg and robot stuff.

We had overlapping interests in types of humor and games, which tended to serve as the basis for most conversations. He kind of waddled when he walked, he was outspoken about very political topics, and he had an oddly broad range of knowledge on real world events. He went to a small bar downtown often enough that at one point his face was supposed to be added to the wall mural at the entrance.

He had a smug smile that he used a lot, and he didn’t seem like the type that ever got very outwardly angry at anything. Vocal, but not angry. He got tired of Houston and moved out to sunny California for a better job and locale. It’s nicer there, I hear.

2 thoughts on “People #23: Chason is lumpy

  1. Chason

    I suppose lumpy is better than some things. :) At least you didn’t ask Jenn or Brandy for their one-liner about me!

    What photo did you base that pic on? It looks oddly familiar…

  2. Santos

    I haven’t seen Jenn in years, and Brandy since I graduated.

    This was from one of the pictures I took with that tiny lighter-camera I carried around for a while.


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