Progress Report: Week of Apr. 29th – May 5th



I finished the first of my Bones models.  Only 200+ left to go…  At least I’ll get a lot of practice in on lots of random stuff.  I have some more pics of Mr. Orc, along with a few better pics of my finished light warjack and trollkin hero models.

Orcster Poses

Orcster Poses

Orcster Poses

Orcster Poses

Orcster Poses

Orcster Poses


Orcster Poses

My objectives with the orc were widespread use of a rusted metal effect with a thinned down brown wash to make it look like old rust, as well as fast green skin.  There isn’t a lot of super nice highlighting work on this as I was trying to just get down some paint and see how it looked.  There are a few things I could improve on for the next one.  I have several more orcs laying around, though none primed.




Scrapster Back

These are just some better pics of the steamjack that I did a couple months ago.  I actually set up my lightbox finally, so I went ahead and shot these.  Looking at them now, I realize that I didn’t paint the back arc on the base.  The back arc is useful in the game as enemies get bonuses if they manage to start behind something.  I’ll need to go back and do that.

Red Engine

Trollkin Fighter

I also finally took a full set of good pics of the completed trollkin model that I did for my Iron Kingdoms RPG campaign.  A complete set of pictures are over on my Flickr account.

For this coming week, now that the orc is out of the way I’m going to work on my dwarf and grab another prepped model from my Queue Box.  Not sure what I’ll do next, but it should be fun.

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