People #24: Farar is fake

He tended to not know what was going on.

Faraz was in fencing. His name was misspelled in the newspaper once, and I kind of went with it. He was Pakistani in descent, but acted more like one of those bleach-headed trendy types that one finds at The Gap. His attire reflected as much, normally a combination of an overpriced shirt and pre-torn blue jeans.

He talked really loud and was a very energetic person. An energetic speaker, at least. He used the above illustrated expression in response to a lot of things with which he had a professed lack of understanding. He was Rod’s perennial company, easily swayed into doing whatever ludicrous scheme Rod could devise. One of the few projects I actually heard of was a film that involved Faraz playing a boy that had fallen in love with his pinata and sought acceptance for as much. They made it into a DVD, with a printed cover and everything.

He worked at a Dairy Queen while in college. He was the one that Greg almost killed. Twice. He had a special way of antagonizing Greg that always resulted in terrible violence. And yet never learned to stop. I didn’t pay attention to what Faraz majored in, though it seemed as though he’d been in college some time. I think he finished up and left the country for a while.

3 thoughts on “People #24: Farar is fake

  1. Rod

    faraz is dead.

    his contagious laugh will not be heard again,
    his trendy clothes will never bee seen again,
    the sun no longer beats on his glistening face
    as a ray of light catches his eye and a new
    ill conceived idea is given fruition with as little
    thought as the smile that we always wears.

    faraz is dead

    now it is Mr. Paliwala,
    white collar business man,
    stuffed shirts and polished shoes,
    yes sirs and no sirs,
    9-5 and 9-5 again until death,
    he has forgotten that choas is life and
    lives in a world of ordered death.

    faraz is dead


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