People #25: Amanda took no prisoners

I made two pictures, but preferred this one.

Amanda was another person that I knew through Photography. She wore clothes that looked kind of torn up, as well as shoes that had endured the worst. She was a chain smoker that for a while had hair, and then for another while didn’t have hair. She scanned everything she found in her wallet and made a huge poster out of it. She then did the same for everything she found in her car. Which was a lot of junk. Revealing junk.

She expressed everything that she thought. Her photo projects involved spreading out everything in her pockets, and I felt like her conversations similarly laid out a vast amount of information about her. She had plenty to say about a lot of things, and got very excited when talking at length. This both made her move around a lot while talking, as well as use the word “like” frequently.

She was very honest about her emotional states. When she was mad, she showed anger. When she was upset about something, she creased her brow, shook her head and talked softly. When she laughed about something she liked she swung her whole body. Her smile was very wide and open-mouthed, revealing deep dimples on her cheeks. Overall she was playful, aggressive, and curious.

We all eventually finished our photo degrees and found whatever came next. The last time I saw her in person was at a tea house, where she revealed that she was leaving the country for some time. As I understand it, she was going to look for something that she couldn’t necessarily find here. Something important. I don’t know if she’s found it yet, but if I ever see her again I’ll be sure to ask.

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