Progress Report: Week of May 26th – June 1st


looking for a good time

I only finished two figures this week.  Disappointing!  I had some prep for the IKRPG I run every couple of Fridays, on Wednesday night I had someone over to teach the ways of miniature painting, and then I had the actual RPG event itself tonight.  Still managed to finish a couple and start a couple more.  The guy above uses a technique called “object source lighting,” where the intent is to make it appear that a single element of the figure is casting light on the rest.  What I’ve finished here is a very, very crude version of what the technique can be used for, but it fits with my general speed painting efforts on the plastic miniatures.  More pics within.


going elsewhere

The overall application of the effect is simply blending the lamp’s yellow glow color in with the colors used on the coat and face.

dark one


dark dude


Several miniature companies that do generalist figures rather than ones created for particular games will have versions of pop culture or fictional characters.  They often use very generic made-up names to “disguise” this, like the previously mentioned Eye Tyrant.  This one is pretty blatantly based on The Shadow, so I opted to use the source’s color scheme to make a lawyer somewhere wake up in a cold sweat.  I like the general character design of The Shadow, and I thought it would be an interesting challenge to paint clothing that is, with a few exceptions, simply black on black on black.

I have figures with some finicky little detail coming up, which could take longer than usual, but I’m still just pushing through these as quickly as possible.

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