People #27: Lucia is petite

She was tiny and full of venom.

Lucia and Chuck made a cute couple. She and I were roommates for a year and the only thing that we learned is that we should never be roommates. She was from Argentina, an atheist, and vocal about certain political issues. She fenced saber, my weapon. Her accent was pretty heavy and she frequently picked up new expressions and nuances of English.

She had some amusing quirks. One was that she absolutely hated all females. I asked for the cause of her enmity and her best response was, “I don’t hate girls. I…once had acquaintances that were female.” She also had a bit of trouble properly phrasing responses to certain things. Such as the time some fencers pointed out that they had seen her drunk around noon one day, which she tried to deny by saying, “It wasn’t noon!”

Her hobbies included reclining, fencing, nursing her bad back, shouting “kitties!” while raising her arms in the air, smoking fine cigars, studying, watching Spanish soap operas, and getting frustrated with me. She also liked to cook pasta.

During a fencing trip my parents went out of their way to provide food for the club and generally help out. Lucia was flabbergasted and kept asking why they were doing that, not accepting any answer I could provide. When we asked Chuck why he simply said, “Lucia believes that everyone is self-serving.” She graduated from UH as valedictorian with a degree in Political Science and is presently in New York working on becoming–of all things–a lawyer.

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