Entry #4: Santos likes muffins

[by Percy]


I met Santos what seems like a very long time ago to me now, during my first semester at UH. I can’t remember exactly when I met him, but my first memory was of him assuming that he could look at a sketchbook I brought to class even though I didn’t know him. Presumptuous from the start.

Santos is a quirky guy like that. He doesn’t follow society’s standards, and I believe that he secretly finds joy in that fact. Among his quirks he doesn’t watch television, makes a point to walk and speak as quietly as possible, and has given up all foods that contain sugar and MSG (last I checked.) There’s a famous incident that I remind him of frequently back before we were as close as we are now, and when he used to eat sugar. I had just baked a large batch of muffins and said to Santos “Help yourself!” Santos ate nearly ALL of the muffins. And there were like, two dozen of them. I no longer offer food to him with such open prerequisites.

Besides being presumptuous and a glutton, Santos has for a long while been the only art friend that I have. Being able to look at someone else’s sketchbooks full of drawings brings me a lot of joy, and he’s really good at what he does. His little books are like treasures and looking inside of them is like you’ve discovered something secret and precious. I hope that he will someday make those creative endeavors known to the rest of the world, in some way.

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