Entry #5: Santos is watching

[by Helen]


Santos had a different name when I first met him, and I called him by this name in my head until about a year later, when we began conversing for real and he informed me that his name was currently Santos. I met him at freshman orientation in June 2000, and we shared a few honors-type courses before we actually spoke. Santos claims that I was his crazy stalker in the meantime, as I had discovered his then-new website (his satirical anti-drug project inspired my first e-mail to him), but to this day, I still maintain that it was “stalking in a friendly way.” I even kept a webpage of funny things he said for future laughing purposes, and because I knew we would be good friends after he referred to ice cream as “that icy nectar of cows.”

Santos refuses to let me forget the time I prodded him in the back with a ballpoint pen, even though I’ve bribed him with many Cheez-Its, cherry Pop-Tarts, and homemade snickerdoodles over the years. Our interactions are characterized by him smothering his amusement at something I’ve done, I think, though the time we had a nighttime picnic near the art building and the time I helped him re-attach his rearview mirror to his windshield, it was really too dark to see his expression. I fear now that he may have been scowling at me the entire time.

One of the most noteworthy things about Santos is the way he asks extremely original, thought-provoking questions, based on his keen observations and creative ponderings from his daily life. On more than one occasion, he has caused me to respond, “Hm, I don’t know! I never thought about that,” and left me with a number of unanswerable puzzles to mull over. Santos has given me neat things he created, such as a Cheez-It Valentine written with his best crayons, a deathly skeleton bopping along in pink roller skates, and a wheelchair-bound T-Rex enjoying a swirly lollipop. That makes me think he’s pretty okay. That, and he would often smell his hands and report to me their current odor.

I don’t talk to or see Santos as much as I would like these days because of some dumb thing called “grad school” that seems to consume most of my time. I still think of him quite often and hope that he is getting on all right despite the troubles that have come his way.

One thought on “Entry #5: Santos is watching

  1. Helen

    Waaah, all the apostrophes and quote marks are showing up as odd symbols on my computer! Same with the thing Richard wrote about you! Does it show up that way on your end, too?


    It was good to talk to you on Monday! And I didn’t remember to tell Clint how much I liked his Native American blurb about you. -_-


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