Lines 020


So I’m finally all moved in. My first drawing at the new place! Saturday and Sunday was nothing but moving things, and today was mostly unpacking/sorting things. It never seemed to stop raining for the duration. I saw six wrecks on Saturday, one of them occurring right in front of me. People in this city kind of go crazy when it rains a little. So when it rains a lot, civilization slows to a crawl.

6 thoughts on “Lines 020

  1. Santos

    Yay, thank you! I’m glad you like it! The lines feel more manageable the more that I do, so I think that I’m improving a tiny bit week to week.

  2. mom

    Congratulations, my son. Didn’t even need Mom & Dad this time. Your aunt & uncle are doing the “coffee making in the nude” dance.

  3. Chan

    Geez, your line drawings are getting more and more awesomer(?). I know this is an excuse, but whenever I pick up a pencil to start drawing, there is always some good Korean drama or variety show playing on satellite TV. Hehe~

    So are you done unpacking? Can I expect to see more figurines and manga books than before? I remember how it felt like entering an anime store whenever I visited your room at the Hub. It was so hard not to knock off those figurines on the bookshelf.

  4. Santos

    I actually stopped collecting toys about a year after I left The Hub. For the past two years all of them haven’t even been unpacked after moves, instead resting quietly at the bottom of old shoeboxes. Maybe I should give them away or something.


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