Change of Pace

I don’t particularly feel like drawing tonight. I do, however, feel like writing, as I have for the past week or so. I have started reading again, a fact which has contributed greatly to my newfound need to externalize some of the whisperings of my imagination with prose rather than ink. I think that the People I Know project lasted roughly a month and a half, and the Lines has gone on a bit less. And now onto something else that I’ve been kicking around for a while, though never quite had the courage or momentum to go through with.

It’s a series of short stories that I may or may not have mentioned to a number of people on a number of occasions. The name of the collection is “The Autobiography of Cold Harbor Orphanage.” The premise is somewhat simplistic, though not worth ruining in this introduction to the work. I’ll try to make them worth reading. My writing is somewhat under-developed due to neglect, so most of them–like the Lines pieces–will be practice and experimentation.

They may be posted less frequently than a nightly drawing. Maybe every other night. I’ll promise nothing and see how it goes.

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