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I Suppose it has been Some Time

I noticed that I had not made a new post here in over a year. I know!

I got married. That was a Thing. She is nice and supportive of my hobbies. I would post a picture but she is sort of picky about that sort of thing. When I get permission I will(I am told that I am supposed to say that sort of thing so people can reply “Haha MARRIED”).

Creative-wise, this past Spring I started painting miniatures. Little things, made of bits of metal or plastic. It is sort of grueling, painstaking work, so I took to it rather quickly.
I have been taking pictures with both a film camera and now with a new digital camera, using macro mode. Due to the bulk of images, I have now found it most convenient to upload and organize them on a Flickr account. So here is a new thing: Paperninja Flickr Account.
I almost exclusively do my own miniatures right now, but for a while I was doing paid commission work as well. Some of those are in that set of images above.

I will go back to my quiet quietness now.


I am going to be participating in Monster Show 5, held at Houston’s Domy this October the 30th. Here is the full information page! Domy shows are more like parties than stuffy art show openings, so be prepared if you plan on attending.

Also, it doesn’t seem like it’s been over a year since my last update here but lots of things have happened to make things go quickly. It happens.

Lines 110


I still draw sometimes, I guess. This is a portrait of someone that I thought looked neat. It was also an excuse to draw hair again, which I kind of missed.

Lines 109: Mixed Patterns

(Click for the full image)

I spent the last couple of nights working on this one. It had a lot of pattern work. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these…

I’m probably going to start doing my Cold Bill stuff just three times a week rather than every night so I’ll have time for this kind of stuff again.

Wherein the Events of the Night of Saturday, March 14th are Described

The only thing I had planned for Saturday was the attendance of a friend’s wedding. That somehow led to my going to the opening of a solo art show that I can most simply describe as “colorful.” I don’t go to many art shows, but if it was any indication of how they tend to go, I might have to make a note to start seeing more.

A full record of the events as I can disjointedly recall are below.

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