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I am going to be participating in Monster Show 5, held at Houston’s Domy this October the 30th. Here is the full information page! Domy shows are more like parties than stuffy art show openings, so be prepared if you plan on attending.

Also, it doesn’t seem like it’s been over a year since my last update here but lots of things have happened to make things go quickly. It happens.

Lines 110


I still draw sometimes, I guess. This is a portrait of someone that I thought looked neat. It was also an excuse to draw hair again, which I kind of missed.

Lines 109: Mixed Patterns

(Click for the full image)

I spent the last couple of nights working on this one. It had a lot of pattern work. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these…

I’m probably going to start doing my Cold Bill stuff just three times a week rather than every night so I’ll have time for this kind of stuff again.

Prints Incoming

I finished re-scanning all of the drawings numbered below 100 that received votes in my poll. I only had low-resolution scans of the ones below 100, so I had to prep them again for the printers. I’ve placed the order and am now waiting for them to arrive, so I’ll make a new post when they are here and ready to be added to the Etsy shop.