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Cold Bill

Cold Bill

I finally decided to make the images from my little comic into something more substantial. And so: Cold Bill, a story project of sorts. The basic intent is to post an image and story vignette once each weekday. The story website is hosted on the server, but I registered the domain name to make it easier to give the link out and as incentive to put some effort into an actual project. So go have a look.

Prints Incoming

I finished re-scanning all of the drawings numbered below 100 that received votes in my poll. I only had low-resolution scans of the ones below 100, so I had to prep them again for the printers. I’ve placed the order and am now waiting for them to arrive, so I’ll make a new post when they are here and ready to be added to the Etsy shop.

I made a Comic (just one)

To start, I plan on closing the poll next Monday(the 15th), after which I’ll be making an order for all of the pieces that received votes. When those come in I’ll add them to my Etsy store so people can actually pick them up. Moving along…

I thought of making a new comic series, but I only really made one comic strip. It was supposed to be sort of a demo, an intro to a larger storyline. At this point, however, I don’t think that I’ll be continuing with it. I’ve included the whole thing in the full post below:

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