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Update on Updates

I used to post my weekly Progress Reports on Sunday evenings, as it made the most sense.  Now, however, with me working 12-hour shifts Saturday night through Monday night, I don’t really have much time to put them together.  As a result, I am going to start posting my weekly Progress Reports Saturday morning, at the end of my last “day.”  Because of my work schedule, my waking schedule is roughly 5pm-9am each day.  It makes it hard to keep track of days…

Back in Town


The only things worth making a sign over in St. Thomas

I was out on a cruise the last week with my wife.  We went to some islands in the Caribbean on a cruise ship called the Epic.  It was enjoyable, except for sunburn and sea sickness.  But I’m back now!

I’ve already started working on some of the Reaper miniatures from the big huge heap that came in a couple of weeks ago.  There’s such a huge variety that I’ve really just picked up a handful of random ones and primed them.  This next week will see a return of actual Progress Reports, as the new figures are such a change of pace from everything I’ve done before due to the sheer variety that I’ve been having fun jumping into work on them.  More to come later.