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I Suppose it has been Some Time

I noticed that I had not made a new post here in over a year. I know!

I got married. That was a Thing. She is nice and supportive of my hobbies. I would post a picture but she is sort of picky about that sort of thing. When I get permission I will(I am told that I am supposed to say that sort of thing so people can reply “Haha MARRIED”).

Creative-wise, this past Spring I started painting miniatures. Little things, made of bits of metal or plastic. It is sort of grueling, painstaking work, so I took to it rather quickly.
I have been taking pictures with both a film camera and now with a new digital camera, using macro mode. Due to the bulk of images, I have now found it most convenient to upload and organize them on a Flickr account. So here is a new thing: Paperninja Flickr Account.
I almost exclusively do my own miniatures right now, but for a while I was doing paid commission work as well. Some of those are in that set of images above.

I will go back to my quiet quietness now.

Wherein the Events of the Night of Saturday, March 14th are Described

The only thing I had planned for Saturday was the attendance of a friend’s wedding. That somehow led to my going to the opening of a solo art show that I can most simply describe as “colorful.” I don’t go to many art shows, but if it was any indication of how they tend to go, I might have to make a note to start seeing more.

A full record of the events as I can disjointedly recall are below.

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A couple of weeks ago I printed out three images in order to test general print quality. After some prodding from a few interested people I’ve decided to list them for sale on my Etsy page:

There are only three images available presently, though I’ll consider printing some different images if those sell. This is still shaky and untrodden ground for me, as I’ve never before sold prints of personal illustrations. Feedback–whether related to the buying/selling process or which images I should try out for the next print run–would be appreciated.

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To summarize this year thus far: vehicle was broken into a second time, got a job at the University of Houston Geosciences department doing web work(job lacks oppressive supervision so is very productive), decided to start spending most free time reading and have managed fifteen books since around the beginning of the year(almost exclusively non-fiction), started drawing again(see above). A quiet life, indeed.


So the large website project that I’ve been working on for about the past four months finally went “live” this morning:


It was a lot of work. There are a lot of rather thorough sections there, as well as a whole admin section built into the background to allow ease of updating and such. For the more technical sides I had Chan to help out. Due to the co-operative nature of the project we decided to attribute it to “JungleWorkz,” a collaborative sort of organization put together by some of us UH art students.

My first big project from beginning to end. Now it’s just up to fixing problems as they arise and figuring out what to do next.