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Cold Bill

Cold Bill

I finally decided to make the images from my little comic into something more substantial. And so: Cold Bill, a story project of sorts. The basic intent is to post an image and story vignette once each weekday. The story website is hosted on the server, but I registered the domain name to make it easier to give the link out and as incentive to put some effort into an actual project. So go have a look.


So the large website project that I’ve been working on for about the past four months finally went “live” this morning:


It was a lot of work. There are a lot of rather thorough sections there, as well as a whole admin section built into the background to allow ease of updating and such. For the more technical sides I had Chan to help out. Due to the co-operative nature of the project we decided to attribute it to “JungleWorkz,” a collaborative sort of organization put together by some of us UH art students.

My first big project from beginning to end. Now it’s just up to fixing problems as they arise and figuring out what to do next.

Comic-Con Sketchbook Project (pt. 1 of 2)

Comic-Con was interesting. I decided to try to get a sketch pertaining to a particular subject, “Grass,” from various people at the convention. It was sort of inspired by the fact that I’ve been working on a story by the same name for the past four years or so. I took an empty sketch book in order to remind me to pick up drawings. When the convention finally hit I started visiting different booths and asking if I could possibly to get a quick sketch in my theme book.

This will be a very tall post, so you’ll have to click below to see the whole thing. Also, it was getting to be a bit too long, so I’ve split the artists in half. Here is the first half, and I’ll post the second half tomorrow.
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Week links

Hooray, weekend! Here are a few links relevant to some of the People I’ve brought up in the past week or so.

  • HOW to ART – Collection of some of David’s
    work. Click on the different mice or anything on the page for various projects. The purple mouse project, “Dinosaur Derrek,” makes me really happy.
  • Blackmoontides – Personal website of Percy. It hasn’t been updated in…a while, but I hear there’s a big revision coming soon.
  • Jungle Workz – Julian, Chan, and a few other UH alumni have gathered together to try to make a collaborative graphics/art-related entity. Right now it’s sparse, as its content relies on Julian suddenly not being useless and Chan sticking to something.