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Photographing Miniatures – My Setup


Magic box

This strange device is the box that I currently use for photographing my miniatures.  To start out with it’s a generic banker’s box with all of the sides except the back cut out.  I’ve then covered the side and top holes on the box with tracing paper in order to properly diffuse the light.  Inside of the box I’ve attached a strip of black velvet, purchased from a fabric store for about $2.50.  It really helps to give a deep black background without much reflection.  The rest of the setup is below.

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How-To: Broken Concrete Bases


Widowmaker Kapitan

I mentioned in my last Progress Report that I was going to go over my process for base making at a later time, so here it is.  I managed to take pictures of every step, which I’ll weave into a tale of creation.  There are lots of ways to do this, but this is a relatively simple process with a nice outcome.

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