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Progress Report: Week of June 2nd – June 8th

warrior wizard

warrior wizard

I finished another three this week, making it rather productive.  Two of them were quite detailed and involved a lot of fun detail, while one was very large.  The above elf-wizard-swordlady was one of the ones that involved a lot of detail. I worked really hard on this one, as it was a make-up for failing to do another.  The one originally requested by a co-worker was simply too mangled by the plastic molding process for me to be able to decipher where particular detail ended and new parts began, so I had to give up on it and request a new one.  That second one ended up being more naked than the coworker could see from the large group shot, so she just told me to pick one that I’d like to paint.  I found the above model, as I thought it fit with the previous selections.  As always, more info in the full post.

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Progress Report: Week of May 26th – June 1st


looking for a good time

I only finished two figures this week.  Disappointing!  I had some prep for the IKRPG I run every couple of Fridays, on Wednesday night I had someone over to teach the ways of miniature painting, and then I had the actual RPG event itself tonight.  Still managed to finish a couple and start a couple more.  The guy above uses a technique called “object source lighting,” where the intent is to make it appear that a single element of the figure is casting light on the rest.  What I’ve finished here is a very, very crude version of what the technique can be used for, but it fits with my general speed painting efforts on the plastic miniatures.  More pics within.

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Progress Report: Weeks of May 13th – May 25th

Reading rainbow

I found a poster

This update will include the last two weeks, since my odd new schedule made putting together something last Sunday impractical.  I finished four new models in the last couple of weeks in my attempts to burn a path through the long list of requests from co-workers.  I have reached a point at which I can finish one per night, which is good.  They each take 4-6 hours each, so it makes sense that I could finish one in a night, but actually sitting and working for 4-6 straight hours on what amounts to speed painting a model is a new pursuit.  More pics below.

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Update on Updates

I used to post my weekly Progress Reports on Sunday evenings, as it made the most sense.  Now, however, with me working 12-hour shifts Saturday night through Monday night, I don’t really have much time to put them together.  As a result, I am going to start posting my weekly Progress Reports Saturday morning, at the end of my last “day.”  Because of my work schedule, my waking schedule is roughly 5pm-9am each day.  It makes it hard to keep track of days…