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Cold Bill

Cold Bill

I finally decided to make the images from my little comic into something more substantial. And so: Cold Bill, a story project of sorts. The basic intent is to post an image and story vignette once each weekday. The story website is hosted on the server, but I registered the domain name to make it easier to give the link out and as incentive to put some effort into an actual project. So go have a look.

All finnish

All of the missing posts have been re-added, the gallery is back in working order, and the Contact form now looks better. That took the whole evening. But it’s done!

News and Doom

I switched to a new host. That didn’t go too poorly.

Unfortunately, the WordPress backup that I made over the weekend was a big FAIL. Fortunately, I had a backup that I made last month, so not every-everything is lost. Though that means that every post and comment following Lines 035 is poof. Whoops. Also, backups change the filepath on everything to /archive/(whatever), so none of the links in the Gallery work. Double sabotage.

So it looks like I’ll be spending the evening fixing up the Gallery and re-adding the 36 drawing posts I’ve made since my last successful database backup, rather than drawing. Tricky.

I don’t remember the titles and alt text that I set for each of the pieces. I know that I took on a bad habit of making the title something really arbitrary, so I’ll probably just ditch titles for pieces altogether. More audience interpretation, I suppose.

New: Gallery

I created a Gallery page(up there between Contact and Links) that includes thumbnails of everything that I’ve posted over the past year or so. That should be less cumbersome than viewing every post in a category when looking for a particular piece.