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Dang that actually worked

I updated WordPress to its newest version and implemented a custom Theme that I’d been tinkering with for a while. Very simplistic. If anything looks really messed up or just doesn’t work at all, let me know. I added a Search bar and subcategories to clean up organization. They might be useful.


I rid the left bar of that long list of names, instead creating a tidy little drop-down box at the bottom of the Categories section that will serve the same function. I also removed the People I Know description from the top right, as that project is officially in hiatus. I might return to it someday or create another posting every once in a while. For now, my sudden need to draw as much as possible somewhat overwrites my other motivations.


I’m off to California as of Monday afternoon. I received a total of five submissions for the “about Santos” thing. I’ve set one to post each day at midnight each day this week, starting with Monday. The weekend will be empty, and I should be back in Houston late Sunday night. Bye~!

New Thing

I added a little bar to the left side that shows everyone’s name with a link to their article. It was getting to be a hassle for me to jump around to different ones just using plain page-to-page navigation, so I thought that it would be helpful.


Do people usually read these late at night or each morning? I don’t know! They usually get posted between 9pm-11pm.

Anyhow, Friday nights I usually try to go out so there won’t be one posted Friday evening. I’ll see what all I can get done this weekend, though I know there will be preparations for the Big Trip as well as setting up automatic posts. So far Chuck is the only one that’s sent an article about me. Thanks, Chuck. I hope you finally get a motorcycle someday.