Here is a collection of some of the stuff presently residing in my Favorites folder. Some might be interesting, some not so much.

Art → Resources

  • Drawn! – A blog based on posting things related to illustration and animation. Good things show up frequently. Helpful for inspiration or sullen gawking.
  • Character Design – Another good resource. I have trouble finding the archives, unfortunately.

Art → Galleries → English

  • Lauren Nassef: Drawing-a-Day – A daily drawing project by Lauren Nassef. New drawing five days a week.
  • FridayEve – Personal website of an illustrator in the games industry. Beautiful studies posted to the blog occasionally(though presently there is some downtime).
  • Pond of Weary Faces – Dark, sketchy style. Hasn’t been updated in a while.
  • Catia Chen – Watercolory stuff.
  • I’m Scared – Heavily abstracted, surreal paintings.
  • Mostly Wanted – Slick commercial illustrations.
  • Ghostco – The illustrations are all together in one Flash-based interface, which is both interesting and a hassle. You have to manually scroll through it all with a button at the bottom.
  • Woodyart – Stylized illustration.
  • Gezfry – Terrific line work, as well as blending of drawing and photography.
  • Kenichi Hoshine – Paintings probably best described as minimalist and striking.
  • Potatohavetoes – Fun and random little pieces that cover a lot of ground.
  • David Ho – Paintings done in a darker style(aesthetically and thematically).
  • blackmoontidesPercy’s website. Work in the style of Japanese animation. Recently super updated!
  • Juergen Specht – Japan-based photographer with all kinds of sets. The one on Japanese homeless is especially interesting, and I like all of the sets of abandoned ruins. Gunkanjima is probably my favorite.
  • Chris Jordan Photography – Absolutely staggering large-scale images of the results of a consumerism-based society. I’d really like to see some of his prints up close some day.
  • Red Nose Studio – Chris Sickels makes little figures and photographs them in little constructed sets. Also some stop-motion animation.

Art → Galleries → Asian

  • KYMG – Range of excellent stuff, even including some crazy lineart-based animation of chicken-headed villains.
  • PAINT – Variety of works, mostly older.
  • Bandalmass – Some commercial work, interesting character design.
  • Secret of Plant Worms House – As curious a collection of work as the name implies. Also has a unique approach to website layout.
  • Lotus Eater – Most work presently looks to be based in a oekaki-type program. Strong elements of color, composition, and line use.
  • tkotrxtiny – Watercolor-based work that reminds me of Miyazaki.
  • BM WORKS – Uses a wiki-based format for the gallery. Plethora of extremely detailed pixel-level work.

Art → Galleries → Other

  • Julian de Narvaez – Fascinating collection of illustrations.
  • Zumbakamera – Amusing approach to layout. Some illustration, as well as animation.


  • Achewood – Deceptively simplistic artwork fronts some of the best raw character development I’ve seen in comics. Most of the characters even have blogs!
  • Bad Machinery – This comic used to be called Scary Go Round. But then the drawist decided that seven years was a long time for a series to run, ‘specially for new readers who might not have a lot of readin time, so he ended it and started a new comic. Now it is called Bad Machinery!
  • The Perry Bible Fellowship – The creator, unfortunately, quit. So, like the entry below(A Lesson is Learn…), it is simply a good archive.
  • A Lesson is Learned but the Damage is Irreversible – The writer and artist stopped producing comics, but the archives are worth going through once or twice.
  • Order of the Stick – Stick-based comics both celebrating and jeering tabletop gaming.
  • Garfield minus Garfield – Traditional Garfield strips that have had the cat removed. Very bizarre results.

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